21 Aug 2010


On the 8th August, my lovely brother-in-law BOB FOX, lost his battle against cancer. It had spread to his brain. So sad to see him, he couldn't talk near the end, but he knew what everyone was saying to him, and responded how he could. He had so many visitors in the hospital, he was so loved & respected. He died with his Lovely Wife Mandy by his side, where she had been all the time. His children, Brother's and Sister and a few close friends, where all there too. The Nurses on E ward at the Hallamshire Hospital, where brilliant, and I was asked by Stewart's family to make something for them. Lynne at Craft Den helped me make 3 scrapbook pages. The middle one had a thankyou letter wrote by stewart, and a tag behind for everybody to sign to say Thank you for all the nurses love & care. His Funeral was on Wednesday 18th, it was a beautiful & moving send off for him. The thing I will remember always about it was, there were hundreds of people there, but when the cars pulled up and they got his coffin out, you could hear a pin drop. RIP Bob, Loved you very much, the world was a better place for having you in it. Love Always Sandra xxx Also my other news today is Daniel has set off for Africa today to do his climb up Killamanjaro. He starts the climb on the 24th, it takes 6 days going up, but only one coming down, which is a bit of a worry. He printed his t~shirt with all the names of the people who sponsored him, and a photo of His Uncle Bob on the back. I know Bob will be watching over him and willing him on to get to the Summit. Can't wait to hear all his story's when he gets home. I am so Proud of you Daniel. Love Always Mum xxx


  1. Such a lovely tribute Sandra. big hugs xxxx

  2. Gorgeous tribute Sandra, it would bring a tear to anyones eye. Very touching! I am sure he will be looking after Daniel for you! Love Kerry xxx

  3. A beautiful tribute Sandra, to what sounds as though he was a much loved and respected man. Good luck to Daniel. xx

  4. a truly beautiful tribute sandra,good luck daniel why does it only take 1 day to get down?????!!!!! x sue x

  5. Hi Sandra I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. Your pages are a very fitting tribute.xx
    Wishing Daniel lots of good luck.xx
    Sending you great BIG cyber hugs, love Gez.xx

  6. Such a beautiful tribute and a wonderful keepsake for the family Sandra!!!

    Wishing Daniel good luck!!!

    Hope to see you soon! missed you yesterday when I called for the most important magazine in the world!! love it and so many beautiful new stamps that are must have's Love Chanelle xx

  7. Oh what a beautiful tribute Sandra. You can see the love that went into making this. I am so very sad at your loss.
    Good luck to your son what a wonderful thing to do.
    kim x

  8. just seen this Sandra, so sorry for your loss, he sounds like he was a lovely man. Your tribute is beautiful and obviously created with much love. X
    Good luck to Daniel, I am sure his uncle Bob will be keeping him safe. K x