21 Mar 2013


Hi Everybody

Well it is well over a year since my last post, of which I am ashamed. I have not been able to get interested in crafting for such a long time. Which has been hard to understand when I was so passionate about it in the past. Well i've had a week's holiday from work this week, and yesterday I went to CRAFT DEN, with my lovely sis Ann. Didn't go to craft but just to visit and let Lynne the owner know I was still alive. Did a bit of merchandising for her, as she has a lot of lovely new stock since I last went. I bought 2 magazines, The magnolia mag & Simply Homemade, both well worh buying, both had lovely free gifts with them. I also bought one of the Memory box dies called fairytale flower border.
Well I have at least been inspired enough to venture into my craft room to go and have a look & a sortout, which I am going to do over the weekend, and well lets see if that helps.
I also just want to let everyone know I am still around and do miss all my crafting buddies, and hope once my craftroom is sorted I might be back with a piece of work to show you.
One of the last things I did make was a quilt which I did put a lot of work into, but never finished the quilting or binding, and Lynne tried and tried to get me to finish it. Well in the end she gave up and she, being the very special person she is, did it for me. She made me feel very special to do that for me, to which I said to her friends who quilt together stay friends forever, and I hope we will be friends forever. Even though I don't go to see her all the time, each time I do go I always truely feel welcome by her, and her lovely Hubby BOB.

Love to everybody
Always Sandra xx


  1. hello stranger welcome back,get crafting again lol
    is the new magnolia mag out if it is i'll have to nip and see lynne straight away x sue x

  2. Oh yes and with a free mini stamp, and a proper mag again not a newspaper like the last one x sandra x

  3. Good to hear that you're thinking of crafting again. Laughed about your quilt. I actually finished mine this week. I'm not too well moment my COP is back, so not doing too much myself. Hope to see you soon xx