5 Jul 2010


I've not blogged for ages. I'm going through a bad time with depression at the moment. I am on my forth week off work, and everytime I have looked at my craft things, I have had no interest what so ever. It's not like me to have time off sick from work, but I just could not face it. It such a bad feeling not to want to get up, and face another day. When you have depression you feel such a fraud, especially when people have serious illnesses, but unless you have suffered it you don't really know what it's like. All the women in my family have suffered it, and even my nieces suffer from it. Anyway I'm rambling and boring you all. This is a card I made for my nephews wedding, before I started feeling bad. I also made one the same for Kerry at craft class, who got married on the same day. The stamp is Lily of the valley, but don't know what the papers are called, but they are beautiful. Added lots of flowers, and made a pin again with crystals & beads. I made a necklace & earings and a ring on Saturday at craft Den, with a lovely lady called Tara. I need to take photo's. While I'm at it I must say sorry to Lynne for being such a bad member of the Design team, but I know that she understands why. Love Sandra x


  1. This is a beautiful card Sandra, it's soooo creative. Sorry that you're going through it at the moment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep going. Lot of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.xx

  2. Its a beautiful card sandra, mo and I send our love and hope to see you soon keep going and keep crafting everything you do is beautiful and so neat, keep your chin up x sue x oh and mo xx

  3. Lovely to see you blogg!!!

    I'm sending you lot's of hug's & Kisses Sandra!!
    I really feel for you as I know what it feels like to be so down.
    You are a beautiful person and need to keep looking to the future!!
    You know where we all are if you need us, keep ya chin up babe!! Love Chanelle xx

  4. HI Sandra,

    I hope you are okay and start to feel better soon. I am thinking about you! xx

    You are such a lovely person and a fab crafter. I admire your work and your stash!!! I love going to craft classes when you are there.

    When I first saw the card I thought it was mine!! It was beautiful and I appreciate you thinking of me. Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog before and after the wedding.

    Hopefully I will see you soon. Love Kerry xx

  5. Oh Sandra, I hope you feel better soon. I know where you are as well, I was ill myself a year or so ago and. Well done for getting on the blog and keep going, the light always comes at the end of that tunnel in the end. The card is fantastic, I bet they really really loved it. K x

  6. Lovely card Sandra. Its great that you can be so honest about what you are going through - I'm sure that is the way to a happy recovery. I hope to see you at class soon.
    Big hugs xxxx

  7. Beautiful card as always Sandra, such attention to detail, gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed yourself at jewellery class. See you Sat. Love and hugs Lynne xx

  8. Hi Sandra

    Sorry to hear you're down - been there myself so know exactly what you mean - its how I got into jewellery making in the first place. My counsellor suggested it as a thing to focus on. Glad you managed to enjoy the class. Take care. Tara x

  9. Oh sis I've missed you while i've been away, even though we've kept in touch. I know you'll come through all this as you've got all your family to help you, you know how bad i've been myself in the past and you also know that i get there in the end and you will too... I love you very very much, I know just how tough things are for you right now and I'M HERE whatever time of day or night... All my love Ann xoxoxoxoxox

  10. This is so absolutely stunning Sandra!
    Beautiful colouring and detail!
    Hope you will be feeling a lot better soon take care!
    kim x

  11. FAB work on this piece its stunning
    hugs June xxx