11 Jul 2010


Amy my beautiful Daughter had her prom on Friday. They all looked gorgeous young women. Seeing her coming down the stairs, all dressed up & ready to go, brought a lump to my throat & a tear to my eye. I'm so proud of her, she gets her slim figure from me LOL. Here are just a few of the photo's. Went to all day scrapbooking at http://www.craftden.co.uk/ yesterday. Had a lovely day, so relaxing, there was only four of us and Lynne. I managed to scrap photo's of the prom, just got to put a few finishing touches to them before I blog them. By the way Amy is the one in the turquoise dress. Love Sandra x


  1. Wow Sandra, Amy looks beautiful, what a gorgeous dress and a stunning colour, really suits her colouring, no wonder you are so proud of her.

  2. How fabulous Sandra. They all look pretty. :) What beautiful memories. Hope you got lots of photographs.
    I'm sad my DD will miss hers as she is thousands & thousands of miles away! Her dress is hanging unworn on the back of her bedroom door!
    Thanks for sharing.xx

  3. Oh Sandra no wonder you are so proud!!!

    Hope she had a wonderful night with all of her friends, they all look so fabulous.

    Can't wait to see the layouts of the girls dressed up. Glad you have a great day at the scrap book class. See you soon Chanelle xx

  4. HI Sandra,

    I had a really good day yesterday too!

    Amy looks fab!!

    Hopefully see you this week at scrapbooking class.

    Love, Kerry xx

  5. Hi Sandra, It's good to be home a be able to blog.. LOL.... Your daughter looks BEAUTIFUL!! I knew which one of them was yours before you said so in the post. LOL.. SHe looks like your photo you have on your blog..tee hee hee..

    I hope you are feeling better about life sweetie........
    hugs, Janiel

  6. amy looks stunning absolutly beautiful I hope she enjoyed it lasting memories eh x sue x

  7. she is very beautiful and how lovely to be 16 and enjoying proms with her friends. K x cant wait to see the other layouts

  8. I'm a bit bias but Amy is stunning, of course she gets it from our side of the family. lol. xox sorry i'm always late with commenting but hey you know me so well sis. xoxox Ann

  9. Oh wow!
    Your daughter is stunning Sandra!
    They all look so happy what a wonderful time for you all to remember!
    kim x