24 May 2009

San's Craft Emporium

That's what stewart calls this room. As promised pictures of my craft room. Going to be spending some time in it tommorow, while Stewart goes to Wembley. If the weather is as nice as today I'll be sitting in the garden as well, craft & sunshine I hope. Did get a bit of sun after work today. Why do customers always tell you how lovely weather is while your stuck inside. Hope you all enjoy Bank Holiday Monday what ever your doing.

While I've been busy working in Atkinsons, look what Chester has been doing, It's a dogs life.


  1. Wow!! San's craft emporium!! looks a great crafting space.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow.
    Love Lynne xx

  2. Forgot to say, Chester looks real cool in his sun specs!! lol

  3. Wow sandra it really is a beautiful craft room!! Will have to have a chat to see where the rails with the baskets are from?? No wonder Chester has his spec's on it's been a lovely day, just a shame I have spent most of the day Ironing & cleaning!! See you wednesday xx

  4. omg you make me positively green with envy organised craft room looking out on the lovely garden and a cutie pie dog I am green. ha ha sue x

  5. Sans Craft Emporium is making everyone envious. It looks fantastic. I also want to know what all the reels and things are. You are one lucky lady.