7 Jun 2011


Blogger is driving me mad now. I can't comment on anybody's blog and I am not happy. I have been looking at everybody's blogs and have seen some fab cards, layouts and projects. I hate not been able to comment, because I know how much I love to get my comments for my work. So I am so sorry. When I try and sign in, it just keeps going back to the sign in again. If anybody knows if there is anything I can do, please let me know. Love Sandra x


  1. Hello Sandra...I know...Blogger is a flipping pain of late...it is really getting on my nerves too...however...I had the advice to use modzilla firefox browser instead of internet explorer or google chrome...at least now I can leave comments...I hope you find it works for you too! Hugs Annie xXx

  2. yeah firefox is a much better browser in general. Also, I know some people have found that if they "untick" keep me logged in, it solves the logging in problem. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Sandra Sorry to hear you are having problems! Think he's overloaded poor thing!!

    Same as above I removed the tick from staying signed in and now I'm allowed to comment just a pain as I have to put details in quite a lot but at least you can comment.

    Hope you are well Love Chanelle xxx

  4. hi hun another thing you can do is,make sure your cookies,are enabled too i did that and it worked straight away for me,as i have internet explorer,if you go to blogger help you will see how to do it hugs cheryl xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra

    Just letting you know that your comment worked on my blog - so hopefully you've got your blogger issues sorted now :-)

  6. Oh Sandra what a pain for you. Don't know what has been happening out there in blog land, but I am so glad you can now get a blogging again!
    Take care and have a good weekend!
    kim x

  7. This info was found on Marianne's blog (mariannescraftroom.blogspot.com)
    I tried it and it works.

    Here's the info....
    If the comment box won't open, click it and press control and alt at the same time. If you are asked to sign in then uncheck the stay signed in box. You will then be able to comment as yourself and you will stay signed in.

    Let me know if it works for you, have a great weekend..
    hugs Janiel