3 May 2010


Hi All. I've finally finished the necklaces I have been doing for Daniel to sell for his Mount Killamanjaro Fund. Stewart is going to post them to him in Newcastle tommorow. Hope Daniel likes them, he did help to make a lot of the pardo clay beads when he was last at Home. Now they are all done I can get back to my card making and scrapbooking. Love Sandra.


  1. Wow Sandra these are fantastic, beautiful colours and I love the way the gift bags match the necklaces. Daniel will be so pleased with them I'm sure and I hope he raises plenty of money. They really are stunning. xx

  2. WOW!!! These are "Stunning" I think you should make some more to sell to us!! I especially like the beautiful silver with the silver flowers and also the pink with the heart!!! You are amazing with the pardo!! Love Chanelle xx

  3. these look amazing mum- i obviously had a small part in making the beads but they look fantastic now they are all finished. the pictures are great too- can you send them to me in an email so i can put them on facebook.

    Love you loads and thankyou for putting so much effort into them.

  4. WOW! Sandra these are STUNNING! All the colour combos are fabulous. I love them all. They will sell like hot cakes especially with the matching bags. Love Lynne xx

  5. OMG Sandra you have been soo busy. They are all beautiful. I would like one - lol!!!! My favourite is the black and purple. Love Kerry xx

  6. hi sandra they look s-t-un-ning as i would say to ann ab-sol-ut-ly stunning well done girl should raise at least a million quid!!!!!!!x sue x

  7. Hi Sandra,
    These necklaces look beautiful and so do the matching boxes. I love the pink and the silver ones. I'll probably buy one for me and one for my friend.

    See you soon

  8. Oh these are wonderful Sandra, they are all so pretty but I especially like the pink one, love the silver heart on it

  9. WOW WOW and hey did I say WOW!! LOL......
    Sandra, THese are truly stunning!! Where and how do I buy a set of these beauties? Can you let me know please. I have my eye on the pink set. *SMILE*. email me at hockima1014@aol.com
    THANK YOU!! Your very talented!
    hugs and have a very nice day.. Janiel

  10. OMG!!!!
    I love these so much!
    Such beautiful colours!
    So very touchy feely they are stunning!
    kim x

  11. These are amazing Sandra! Each piece is so beautiful and unique and I love the matching gift bags!
    Stunning work,
    Love Sarita xx

  12. Wow Sandra, these are so beautiful and I love the matching bags. You have worked so hard, what a lovely mum! Hope you raise lots for the fund with those. Maybe you should go into a different career! K X

  13. Oh Wowzers Sandra your necklaces and the matching bags are stunning. I am sure Daniel will raise lots of money for his fund.
    Debbie x

  14. Wow Sandra - these are stunning, lovely colours and so nice with the bags too. They will go like hot cakes x

  15. WOW! Absolutely stunning necklaces Sandra. The colours are beautiful & your gift bags make them extra special. I hope they help raise lots of money. Best wishes, Gez.xx

  16. I have recieved my 1st blog award. I have passed this onto you, please see my blog for details. Love Kerry xx

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