15 May 2010


OMG, How happy am I, I have just got another blog award from Lynne at http://www.craftden.co.uk/. Thank you Lynne. These blog awards must be like buses, wait all that time, and two come at once. Got to go I'm going to get hair done, then to Craft Den to make a necklace. I will be back with photo's later. Then I will also post the card I have made for Stewart my Lovely Hubby. He is 50 on Monday. Oh Dear. Only nice people must have been born in 1960, because Lynne at Craft Den has got her big 50 coming up soon. Love Sandra x

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your second blog award. You made me smile with this one.
    See you at the Craft Den.
    Love Pat xx